Factory Team Half-Weight Shock Fluid
Factory Team Half-Weight Shock Fluid

October 15, 2010

No more mixing your shock fluids to get the right viscosity. Get these half-weight versions and get the right weight every time. Made in the USA exclusively for Team Associated by Lucas Oil Products Inc.

5424 Silicone Shock Fluid 22.5wt (238 cSt)
5426 Silicone Shock Fluid 27.5wt (313 cSt)
5432 Silicone Shock Fluid 32.5wt (388 cSt)
5433 Silicone Shock Fluid 37.5wt (463 cSt)
5434 Silicone Shock Fluid 42.5wt (538 cSt)
5438 Silicone Shock Fluid 47.5wt (613 cSt)

2 fl. oz.
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