12R5.1 LiPo Conversion Kit
12R5.1 LiPo Conversion Kit

July 8, 2011

The RC12R5 chassis has been optimized for 1S LiPo batteries, with the following additional enhancements:

  • Inline battery positioning generates a lower polar moment of inertia for smoother mid-corner steering in high traction conditions
  • Lengthened wheel base for added stability
  • Front bulkhead mounting position widened to give more options for upper control arm length and added adjustability for multiple track and motor conditions
  • Updated rear upper pod geometry increases leverage on center shock to help compensate for the lighter minimum overall chassis mass when using LiPo batteries
  • Stronger blue aluminum chassis braces
  • Thicker 3mm rear chassis brace gives extra support for rear body posts ad side springs

Available August 2011

#4690   12R5.1 LiPo Conversion Kit
UPC: 784695 046900

#4691 12R5.1 LiPo Chassis
UPC: 784695 046917

#4692 12R5.1 LiPo Lower Pod Plate
UPC: 784695 046924

#4693 12R5.1 LiPo Upper Pod Plate
UPC: 784695 046931

#4694 12R5.1 LiPo Chassis Brace
UPC: 784695 046948

#4695 12R5.1 LiPo Top Plate
UPC: 784695 046955

#4696 12R5.1 LiPo Shock Mount Upright
UPC: 784695 046962

#4697 12R5.1 LiPo Shock Mount Upright, option
UPC: 784695 046979

#4698 12R5.1 LiPo Hinge Pin Brace
UPC: 784695 046986

#4699 12R5.1 LiPo Standoff
UPC: 784695 046993


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