Reedy 6500mAh 65C Competition LiPo Battery!
Reedy 6500mAh 65C Competition LiPo Battery!

October 4, 2011

Fancy descriptions and buzz words are not required when describing Reedy's 6500mAh 65C competition LiPo battery — the specifications speak for themselves. If you are a 1:12 or World GT racer,  this battery produces power and capacity that is second to none.
Capacity: 6500mAh   
Voltage: 3.7V (1S)
Dimensions (mm): 94 x 47 x 18.5
Max. Charge Current: 13.0 (2C)
Discharge: 65C cont., 120C burst
Weight (g): 149

Reedy LiPo 6500mAh 3.7V 65C
UPC: 784695 006003
Available: In Stock


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