B4 +8mm Chassis
B4 +8mm Chassis

October 10, 2011

Team Associated debuted the new +8mm chassis in prototype form at the 2011 I.F.M.A.R.  World Championships with stunning results, taking the World Championship title, TQ honors, and the top two steps on the podium!

  • 2011 World Champion: Ryan Cavalieri
  • Top Qualifier: Neil Cragg
  • 2nd Overall: Ryan Maifield
  • 10th Overall: Peter Pinisch

Now, racers world-wide can upgrade their B4 or B4.1 to the latest specs with the new B4 +8mm Conversion Kit. The additional 8mm of added wheelbase helps make the B4 easier to drive and more stable without sacrificing the critical traction needed for lower-grip tracks.  

Fits  B4 FT, B4.1 FT, and B4 RS RTR. Body required. Some bodies may fit the longer chassis with little or no modification. Racers can purchase a +8mm B4 body from our racing partners Pro-Line and JConcepts. Bodies made for the B4 +8mm chassis are:

  • #3368-00 Pro-Line +8mm Bulldog  B4.1 body
  • #0206-1 JConcepts +8mm Punisher
  • #0212 JConcepts +8mm Finnisher

B4 +8mm Conversion Kit
UPC: 784695 096363
Available Oct. 2011

B4 +8mm Chassis
UPC: 784695 096370
Available Oct. 2011

B4 +8mm Battery Strap
UPC: 784695 096387
Available Oct. 2011


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