New Reedy Motor Option Parts
New Reedy Motor Option Parts

March 2, 2012

You asked for 'em, you got 'em! First, the flat sensor wires that come with Reedy Sonic motor are now available separately in a variety of lengths to suit 1:10 and 1:8 applications. The flat design looks great and allows for an extremely clean look.

Second, an optional 13.0mm modified rotor is now available for Sonic 540 modified motors. This larger diameter rotor increases torque for applications such as 4WD buggies and touring cars where additional torque might be an advantage.

All items are in stock and available immediately!


UPC Code Part No. Description MSRP
784695 009783 #978 Flat Sensor Wire, 70mm $8.99
784695 009790 #979 Flat Sensor Wire, 110mm $8.99
784695 009806 #980 Flat Sensor Wire, 150mm $8.99
784695 009813 #981 Flat Sensor Wire, 200mm $8.99
784695 009820 #982 Flat Sensor Wire, 270mm $8.99
784695 009875 #987 Sonic 540 Mod Rotor, 13.0 x 25.3 (5.0) $56.99


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