Tradardi Jr. Rains on Parade at National Championship 2010 with his RC8B
Tradardi Jr. Rains on Parade at National Championship 2010 with his RC8B

June 30, 2010
Event Name: National Championship 2010, Buggy 1:8
Event Location: La Lagunita track, Caracas, Venezuela
Event Date(s): June 11, 2010 to June 13, 2010

During practice on Friday 6/11, Team Manager Renato Tradardi (father) and mechanic Mr. Juan Forti created an excellent setup, which was distributed to all RC8B team drivers at the La Lagunita track in Caracas, Venezuela. Little did we know that only a short time later we'd have to throw it out.

On Saturday, there were five heats of 10 minutes each to take the top three. In the first two we had several problems with the voltage regulator. We also had to change the setup because the rain was giving us some problems. There went our "excellent" setup! With determination (and another excellent setup) the team managed to place two cars in the semifinals, in second and third place: Renato and Renato Jr.

The finals were run on Sunday. Five team drivers made it to the Semifinals: Zigras Demetrio, Jose Blanco, Gabriel Pati, Juan Rivas, and Manuel Rosendo. Unfortunately, Renato A. Tradardi (father) was disqualified. He did not pass the technical review of the fuel, 1cc.

The rain kept the track slippery during the Grand Final. It forced us to further tune the RC8B, and the result was victory, with Renato Jr. no less than three laps ahead of second place!


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