7th Annual Hitec Race
7th Annual Hitec Race

July 29, 2005
Event Name: 7th Annual Hitec Race
Event Location: Hitec facility, Poway, CA

The 7th Annual Hitec Race was once again held at the Hitec facility in Poway, California. This event brings out contestants from all over the southern west coast. This year Hitec filled up a full twenty-three heats worth of drivers.

In Factory Modified, Barry Baker TQ'd the hotly contested class with the new Factory Team TC4. In the main, he lead from the start and ran away with the race by almost 1 lap! Also making the main were Bob Stellflue (FT TC4), Tony Phalen (Team TC4), and Chad Miller (Team TC4).

In the Open Micro class, it was Mark "Deves" Devers checking out with the early lead and the eventual win. He was driving a mildly modified RC18T, equipped with our #21068 Foam 18T Tires. His truck was on rails in the main, finishing almost a complete lap ahead of 2nd place!

Congratulations to both Barry and Mark!


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