FxRacing Off-Road Cup Finals
FxRacing Off-Road Cup Finals

September 26, 2012
Event Name: FxRacing Off-Road Cup Finals
Event Location: Targu-Mures, Romania
Event Date(s): September 15, 2012 to September 16, 2012

Six months of intense racing has finally yielded a crop of FxRacing Off-Road Cup winners. The FxRacing Championship is the biggest electric private off-road cup in Romania, the land of count Dracula and Transylvania.

The Cup has four classes: Buggy Stock (13.5 motors), Buggy Pro (modified), Truck, and SCPro (SC 4WD), all held in the heart of the country. This weekend the final race took place in the Weekend Sport center in the local town of Targu-Mures. The Cup is officially promoted by Team Associated Romania (Fxmodells) and FxracingMS racing club. Here are the Team Associated driver standings for all classes.

Stock Class:
1. Manolache Ovidiu (Fxmodells/Team Associated)
3. Vlad Romanenco (Team Associated)

Buggy Pro:
2. Manolache Ovidiu (Fxmodells/Team Associated)
3. Jako Zsolt (Fxmodells/Team Associated)

1. Jako Zsolt (Fxmodells/Team Associated)
2. Bondi Miklos (Fxmodells/Team Associated)
3. Veres Zalan (Fxmodells/Team Associated)

2. Manolache Ovidiu (Fxmodells/Team Associated)


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