Robby Woods
General Tire #99 Pro2

Robby Woods is a throwback to the oldest days of auto racing, when racers were self funded and built their own vehicles.  They worked with their hands, manufacturing goods or sweating over farm machinery by day and fabricating by night, all the while dreaming of putting together a race program that could go and challenge the big boys on their turf. Enter Robby Woods.

Born into a blue collar working family that also knew it’s way around a track (Robby’s dad raced ARCA and Winston Cup back in the day), Robby was exposed to two things early in life – a passion for racing, and an iron willed work ethic. He started racing motocross at six years of age, competing at the junior national level and winning several titles – including Mammoth Mountain, Ponca City, and the World Minis. A successful motocross career was his for the taking until a devastating crash left him injured and permanently sidelined from racing motocross.

Robby’s racing dreams were re-ignited after he attended his first short course race. Imagining the rigors of short course truck racing to be similar to motocross, Robby believed he could take his pre-existing knowledge and be competitive right off the bat. He just needed a ride. Robby had been building pre-runners and race cars for 8 years, but before he would set out to build his first Pro-2, he re-acquainted himself with four valuable tools: a camera, a pen, a tape measure, and plenty of paper. He would take spy photos of other trucks for ideas, and persistently ask crew chiefs of the top teams questions until they wouldn’t answer anymore, then he’d ask a few more. Once he felt he had immersed himself enough in all things related to the construction of a top level short course race truck, he set out to build himself a Pro-2.

At the age of 22, Robby has built a competitive race team from scratch, on the most limited of budgets. Competing with his new truck in the 2007 CORR series didn’t bring Robby windfall success, but a top ten finish among the best off-road racers in the world was a successful start. This is when living due east of nowhere, Nevada benefits him. Robby’s front yard doubles as his own private test track, complete with banked turns and a few big jumps. When he’s not jumping over his driveway or TIG welding spare parts for the Pro-2, Robby likes to play music and hang out with his friends. Watch out for Robby, we think he’s going to have a big role in the future of off-road racing.


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