FT Torque-tuned Side-Exhaust Tuned Pipe, natural

FT Torque-tuned Side-Exhaust Tuned Pipe, natural
Part #: 1772
FT Torque-tuned Side-Exhaust Tuned Pipe, natural
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Detailed Part Description:

FT Torque-tuned Side-Exhaust Tuned Pipe, natural

A tuned pipe does more than muffle the roar that angers your neighbors at 2 A.M. As the exhaust exits your engine through the manifold (header) and into the pipe, it backs up in the pipe and causes "back pressure" toward the engine. The exhaust sets up a pressure that is forced back through the tubing and into your gas tank, which helps force gas in the engine. (This is an over-simplification of the process.) This back pressure creates several useful tuning possibilities for the engine, which are adjusted by the shape and length of the pipe.

The tuned pipe can be "tuned" for top end and other factors. For instance, a longer pipe can increase your top end. A more tapered pipe can remove some of the punch, resulting in smoother acceleration. A set of tuned pipes for different racing conditions is helpful for serious racing.

Your pipe should match your engine type. A side-exhaust engine requires a side-exhaust header and pipe, and a rear-exhaust engine requires a rear-exhaust header and pipe.

Use an RPM-tuned pipe for really big tracks with large turns. Use a torque-tuned pipe for smaller tracks where you'll need quick bursts rather than top end.

This part fits the following vehicles/products:
  • NTC3
  • RC10GT
  • SC10GT
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