Reedy 526-S AC/DC 2S-6S Cell LiPo / LiFe Balance Charger

Reedy 526-S AC/DC 2S-6S Cell LiPo / LiFe Balance Charger
Part #: 604
Reedy 526-S AC/DC 2S-6S Cell LiPo / LiFe Balance Charger
UPC: 784695006041
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Detailed Part Description:

Great features at an economical price make the Reedy 526-S AC/DC 2S-6S LiPo/LiFe Balance Charger the perfect choice for all LiPo and LiFe battery charging requirements. Simple to use in a compact package, all functions are controlled with a single button. The charging process is as simple as connecting your battery and pressing the start button.

Because the 526-S is capable of charging 2S-6S LiPo or LiFe batteries, it's a one-stop charging solution for nitro racers who need to charge receiver, transmitter, and starter box batteries. It is also the perfect charging option for electric enthusiasts who want the flexibility to charge a variety of different battery types and configurations for a variety of vehicle types and scales.

  • AC/DC power inputSelectable charge rate of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 amps
  • LiPo and LiFe compatible
  • Balance charges 2S-6S batteries
  • Simple one-button operation
  • 12-bit microchip CPU controller
  • LED and beeper charge status indicators
  • High Power connector
  • JST-XH balance harness 
  • Previous charge setting memory
  • Reverse and short-circuit protection
  • Internal cooling fan
  • High-quality Taiwanese manufacturing

This part fits the following vehicles/products:
  • Reedy LiPo 2100mAh 7.4V RX/TX Battery
  • Reedy LiPo 5500mAh 14.8V 60C w/T-plug
  • SC10RS RTR Hart & Huntington LiPo Combo *Discontinued*
  • Reedy WolfPack LiPo 3000mAh 25C 7.4V w/T-plug connector
  • Reedy WolfPack LiPo 3300mAh 7.4V 35C w/T-plug connector
  • Reedy WolfPack LiPo 3400mAh 7.4V 35C with T-plug connector
  • Reedy WolfPack LiPo 3700mAh 35C 14.8V with T-plug connector
  • Wolfpack LiPo 6500mAh 7.4V 25C w/T-plug connector
  • Wolfpack LiPo 3900mAh 11.1V 35C w/T-plug connector
  • WolfPack 5000mAh 25C 7.4V LiPo
  • WolfPack 4800mAh 25C 7.4V Saddle
  • WolfPack 3800mAh Shorty 7.4V 25C
  • WolfPack 5500mAh 60C 7.4V
  • WolfPack LiPo 4500mAh 14.8V 25C with T-plug connector

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