4.0mm Connectors (10 Male)

4.0mm Connectors (10 Male)
Part #: 658
4.0mm Connectors (10 Male)
UPC: 784695006584
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MSRP: $18.00
Web Price: $16.99

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Detailed Part Description:

10 male connectors. Lower resistance means more power and longer runtimes. Reedy's new easy-to-install high-performance gold connectors provide a low-resistance connection in a compact package. Because they are available in two sizes, most applications are served.

Larger 4.0mm connectors are perfect for sub-C and LiPo battery connections while 3.5mm connectors are suited for brushless motor connections and 1:18 scale battery connections. In all cases, replacing high-resistance connectors with Reedy gold connectors improves all aspects of a vehicle's performance.

This part fits the following vehicles/products:
  • Blackbox 410R 1S-2S Competition ESC
  • Blackbox 410R 1S-2S Competition ESC w/Programmer
  • REEDY LiPo 4000MAH 7.4V 60C
  • Reedy 7000mAh 65C 7.4V Competition LiPo Battery
  • LiPo 5700mAh 65C 7.4V Saddle Pack Comp. Battery
  • Reedy 7000mAh 65C Competition LiPo Battery
  • Reedy 5800mAh 65C 7.4V SQ
  • Reedy LiPo 5200mAh 50C SQ 7.4V Competition Battery
  • Reedy LiPo 3900mAh 70C 7.4V LP Shorty Battery
  • Reedy LiPo 8000mAh 70C 3.7V Competition Battery
  • Reedy LiPo 6000mAh 70C 7.4V Competition Battery
  • Reedy LiPo 5300mAh 70C 7.4V Shorty
  • LIPO 65C 3.7V 6500MAH
  • REEDY LIPO 65C 7.4V 6500MAH
  • Reedy LiPo 4100mAh 65C 7.4V Shorty Comp. Battery
  • REEDY LIPO 65C 3.7V 6800MAH
  • LIPO 60C 7.4V 5200MAH SP
  • LIPO 60C 7.4V 5500MAH
  • LIPO 60C 3.7V 5500MAH
  • LIPO 5000MAH 35C
  • LIFEPO4 6.6V 4000MAH 30C
  • WolfPack LiPo 5000mAh 25C 7.4V Battery
  • WolfPack LiPo 4800mAh 25C 7.4V Saddle Pack Battery
  • WolfPack LiPo 3800mAh Shorty 7.4V 25C Battery
  • WolfPack LiPo 5500mAh 7.4V 60C Battery
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