LIPO 3.7V 4600MAH 40C

LIPO 3.7V 4600MAH 40C
Part #: 719
LIPO 3.7V 4600MAH 40C
UPC: 784695007192
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Detailed Part Description:

Reedy's 40C 1S 3.7V LiPo features a stepped case that allows bodies to be mounted properly without interfering with the battery. The use of convenient 3.5mm sockets works with the stepped case design to create additional room under low profile 1/12 bodies. Plus, their smaller size reduces weight while their male counterparts more closely match the commonly used 14 and 16 gauge ESC wires. A capacity of 4600 mAh and a 40C rating means long run times and high power for all racing classes. Handy locating tabs allow the battery to fit neatly into existing battery slots and are easily removable (without compromising case strength) for flat chassis applications.

Reedy LiPo batteries offer many advantages over traditional NiMH batteries:

• Up to 30% longer runtime than NiMH batteries of equal capacity
• Lighter than NiMH batteries of equal capacity
• No limit to the number of consecutive uses
• Improved cell efficiency results in less energy lost as heat and greater power output
• Battery can be charged well in advance of use with no loss in performance
• Reduced maintenance
• Longer lifespan (up to 10 times!) reduces battery costs

Model Number: 719
Capacity (mAh): 4600
Max. Charging Current (A): 9.2
Max. Cont. Discharging Current: 40C (184A)
Burst Discharging Current: 60C (276A)
Dimensions (mm): 93x47x18.2
Weight (g): 140
Connector: 3.5mm socket
ROAR approved. EFRA, BRCA, and IFMAR listed


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