XP SC700-BL/REEDY 540-SL 4900k

XP SC700-BL/REEDY 540-SL 4900k
Part #: 967
XP SC700-BL/REEDY 540-SL 4900k
UPC: 784695009677
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MSRP: $219.99

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Detailed Part Description:

XP Brushless ESCs are water-resistant for maximum durability. Their light weight and compact design allows for easy installation in most 1:10 vehicles. Simple calibration and a wide variety of tuning options make these ESCs perfect for both casual enthusiasts and racers. When paired with a Reedy 540-SL brushless motor, you create a potent combination of power and efficiency that brings performance to a new level. More power and less maintenance elevate the fun factor by increasing top speeds and reducing down time.

ESC Features:
• Adjustable LiPo Low-Voltage Cutoff
• LiPo Cell Auto Detect
• Reversible with Reverse Lockout
• Fully Proportional Brakes
• Adjustable Drag Brakes
• Adjustable Throttle Profile
• Hard Case with Aluminum Heat Sink
• Water Resistant
• Heavy Duty Silicone Wires
• T-plug Connector
• 3.5mm Motor Connectors
• Pre-Wired for Optional Cooling Fan

ESC Specs:
• Cells: 2-3 LiPo, 6-8 NiMH
• On Resistance: 1.3Ohms x 2
• Brakes: Proportional
• Motor Limit: 2 LiPo: 5500kV. 3 LiPo: 4000kV.
• Reversible: Yes, with brakes-only option
• Low Voltage Cutoff: Adjustable, with cell auto-detect
• Dimensions: 46 x 42 x 26mm
• Weight with Wires: 100g (3.5oz.)
• Power Wires: 12-gauge silicone
• Connector Type: Battery: T-plug. Motor: 3.5mm sockets. 


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