SC10.2 Setup Sheets

Setup Sheets
Download Driver Track Date
Download Ryan Cavalieri ROAR 1:10 Electric Off-Road Nationals 08/24/2014
Indoors, clay, medium to high grip, bumpy, dusty
Download Ryan Maifield CRCRC Electric Winter Midwest Championships 01/12/2014
Indoors, clay, damp, medium grip
Download Ryan Cavalieri Off-Road Shootout 07/21/2013
Outdoors, high grip, small, smooth
Download Chad Due Short Course Showdown Round #3 04/21/2013
Indoors, clay, damp, medium grip
Download Max Flurer Psycho Nitro Blast 03/24/2013
Indoors, loamy, dusty, bumpy
Download Ryan Cavalieri Cactus Classic 03/17/2013
Outdoors, high grip, abrasive, smooth
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