RC10B6.1 Factory Lite
RC10B6.1 Factory Lite
RC10B6.1 Factory Lite
Shedding over 45 grams of weight from the original B6.1D, the Factory Lite was designed to excel in classes requiring Spec motors
RC10B6.1 Factory Lite
90022 MSRP: $479.99
Web: $329.99

Setup Sheets

Download Driver Track Date
Download Joona Haatanen Euro Off-Road Series - Round #1 09/15/2018
Indoors, carpet, medium size, high grip
Download Joona Haatanen Finnish National Series Round #2 07/07/2018
Outdoors, astroturf, medium grip, dusty, bumpy
Download Spencer Rivkin JConcepts Stock Nationals 04/29/2018
Indoors, dirt, damp, medium-high grip, hard packed
Download Neil Cragg BRCA National Round #1 04/14/2018
Outdoors, astroturf, large, bumpy, high grip
Download Neil Cragg Euro Offroad Series - Round #4 03/24/2018
Indoors, carpet, high grip, dry, smooth
Download Brent Thielke Las Vegas Off-Road Carpet Championship 03/18/2018
Indoors, carpet, high grip, small-medium, smooth