RC10B6.1 Team Kit
RC10B6.1 Team Kit
RC10B6.1 Team Kit
The B6.1 will be the choice for tracks with very high traction, where a forward mass is beneficial and chassis roll needs to be tamed through a low center of gravity and anti-roll bars.
RC10B6.1 Team Kit
90020 MSRP: $479.99
Web: $329.99

Setup Sheets

Download Driver Track Date
Download Joona Haatanen Euro Off-Road Series - Round #1 09/15/2018
Indoors, carpet, medium size, high grip
Download Joona Haatanen Finnish National Series Round #2 07/07/2018
Outdoors, astroturf, medium grip, dusty, bumpy
Download Spencer Rivkin JConcepts Stock Nationals 04/29/2018
Indoors, dirt, damp, medium-high grip, hard packed
Download Neil Cragg BRCA National Round #1 04/14/2018
Outdoors, astroturf, large, bumpy, high grip
Download Neil Cragg Euro Offroad Series - Round #4 03/24/2018
Indoors, carpet, high grip, dry, smooth
Download Brent Thielke Las Vegas Off-Road Carpet Championship 03/18/2018
Indoors, carpet, high grip, small-medium, smooth