RC12LC Kit
RC12LC Kit
From the RC12LC catalog, November 1996:

Team Associated's new RC12LC is the production version of the car that Masami Hirosaka used to win the 1996/97 IFMAR 1:12 scale On Road World Championships. The proven features that come with the RC12LC include our Dynamic Strut front end, Delta shock, Stealth II rear axle assembly, and dished one piece wheels. The new rear axle allows you to change the right wheel without having to readjust the diff each time.

To go with these successful features, Cliff Lett and the rest of our design team have relocated the dampener pivot post for more consistent performance. You also have dampener inserts to limit roll movement for quicker directional changes. We added a front end cross brace and used a new front end material. This makes the front end more rigid and more precise.

The batteries were moved closer to the centerline, and a fiberglass roll over antenna was added to the new lightweight antenna/shock mount. The rear chassis brace and T-bar have been redesigned and a T-bar brace was added.

It also comes with a new precision lightweight left rear bulkhead for accurate bearing alignment. The redesigned upper and lower pod plates along with the left bulkhead make it easier to install, remove and solder in the motor.