RC8.2e Factory Team
RC8.2e Factory Team
RC8.2e Factory Team
This vehicle has been discontinued.
The RC8.2e Factory Team Kit has a long list of new performance parts, making for the best and lightest Associated EP 1:8 scale buggy to date.

Setup Sheets

Download Driver Track Date
Download Nick Gibson / Brent Thielke Alabama Manufacturers Shootout 5.0 06/07/2014
Indoors, clay, dry, smooth, hard packed, dusty
Download Sean Cochran Club Racing 03/27/2013
Indoors, clay, damp, medium grip
Download Max Flurer Motorama / Psycho Nitro Blast 03/24/2013
Indoors, loamy, dusty, bumpy
Download Sean C. Club Race 09/23/2012
Smooth, medium grip clay
Download Patrick Hofer German Championship 09/23/2012
Outdoor, high traction, smooth, wet dirt
Download Brent Thielke 15th Annual Off-Road Shootout 07/22/2012
Outdoors, blue groove, high grip, tight
Download Mike McMahon Club Race 03/15/2012
Dry clay, indoor
Download Barry Baker Club Race 03/07/2012
Clay, dry
Download Max Flurer Winter Slam 01/07/2012
medium traction, smooth wet clay
Download Chris Jarosz Club Race 12/14/2011
Wey clay, dusty
Download Steven Hartson Club Race 12/11/2011
Wet clay, dusty
Download Sean Cochran OC/RC Club Racing 11/20/2011
Indoor, hard packed clay with some dust on top
Download Chris Jarosz OC/RC Club Racing 10/30/2011
Indoor, hard packed clay with some dust on top
Download Ryan Cavalieri Sidewinder Nitro Explosion 10/23/2011
Outdoor, wet, bumpy loose dirt
Download Steven Hartson ROAR 1:8 Electric Nationals 09/18/2011
Indoor, medium grip, smooth to bumpy clay with some dust on top