SC10 Kit
SC10 Kit
SC10 Kit
This vehicle has been discontinued.
Based on a lengthened version of the 6-time ROAR National Championship-winning RC10T4, the engineers behind the doors in Area 51 made the SC10 both all show and all go!

Setup Sheets

Download Driver Track Date
Download Chad Due Spektrum Off-Road Challenge 11/04/2012
Indoors, high to medium grip, dusty
Download Paul Wynn JConcepts Indoor Nationals Finale 11/04/2012
Indoors, high grip, low dust
Download Ray Munday Victorian State Titles 11/03/2012
Bumpy, high traction, clay
Download Scott Brown Short Course Showdown Series 10/21/2012
Indoors, clay, bumpy, medium grip,
Download Ryan Maifield JConcepts Clash 09/23/2012
Indoor, clay, high grip, dusty
Download Ryan Cavalieri ROAR Electric Off-Road Super Nationals 08/18/2012
Indoor, clay, smooth, medium grip
Download Kevin Motter ROAR Electric Off-Road Super Nationals 08/18/2012
Indoor, clay, smooth, medium grip
Download Kody Numedahl JConcepts Spring Indoor Nationals 04/14/2012
Indoor, clay, medium grip
Download Ryan Maifield 26th Pro-Line Cactus Classic 03/25/2012
Outdoor, medium grip, smooth, blue groove
Download Max Flurer Psycho Nitro Blast 03/04/2012
Indoor, bumpy, low grip, soft dirt, dusty
Download Ryan Maifield ROAR 1:10 Off Road National Championship 08/14/2011
High grip, blue groove, dry
Download JR Mitch ROAR Region 4 Championships 07/10/2011
Smooth. medium/high traction
Download JR Mitch Southeast Short Course Nats 05/22/2011
Indoor, blue groove, high-traction, bumpy
Download Chad Due Spekrum Off-Road Championships 12/05/2010
Smooth clay, medium traction, indoor
Download Jason Ruona JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals 08/01/2010
Medium traction, smooth, grass
Download Ryan Maifield ROAR 1:10 Electric Offroad Nationals 07/18/2010
Low traction smooth
Download Kody Numedahl Short Course Nationals 07/11/2010
Low traction soft dirt
Download Jason Ruona JConcepts Wave 05/15/2010
High traction, smooth clay
Download Ryan Cavalieri Club Race 04/28/2010
High traction smooth clay
Download Chad Due, Scott Brown Shortcourse Showdown 04/24/2010
Download Josh Anderson OCRC Standard Setup 03/24/2010
Medium traction
Download Jason Corl Club Race 07/29/2009
High traction, bumpy
Download Scott Brown Short Course Nationals 07/26/2009
Medium traction, bumpy
Download Kurt Wenger Club Race 03/25/2009
Low traction smooth clay
Download Josh Anderson -- 03/09/2009
Medium traction smooth clay