TC4 Club Racer Race Roller
TC4 Club Racer Race Roller
TC4 Club Racer Race Roller
This vehicle has been discontinued.
The TC4 Club Racer is an excellent platform for Spec Class racing, drifting, and on-road racing.


Setup Sheets

Download Driver Track Date
Download Ray Klebanow 2013 Halloween Classic 10/27/2013
High traction carpet, indoor
Download Myron Battman Kinnard 2013 USVTA Southern Nationals, practice runs 09/21/2013
High traction carpet, Vegas layout, VTA setup
Download Andrew Abbott Peter Stevens Masters 11/25/2006
Med. traction
Download Brent Thielke Reedy Race of Champions 05/28/2006
Download Craig Drescher Worlds Warm-Up 04/10/2006
Download Tommi Torikka Club Racing 03/29/2006
High traction asphalt
Download Craig Drescher Snowbird Nationals 02/12/2006
Download Juho Levanen DHI Cup 01/15/2006
Download Jonas Kaerup Speed Weekend 11/30/2005
Download Bob Stellflue (not given) 11/12/2005
Asphalt indoor
Download Barry Baker IIC 10/25/2005
Foam tires on carpet
Download Barry Baker ROAR Sphalt Nationals 10/09/2005
Asphalt sprayed with soda
Download Walter Henderson International Indoor Championships 09/25/2005
Carpet with foam tires
Download Brent Thielke Reedy International Race of Champions 05/31/2005
High traction asphalt
Download Mike Blackstock Showbird Nationals 02/13/2005
Ozite Carpet
Download Juho Levanen Club Racing 12/31/2004
Download Juho Levanen IFMAR World Championships 10/31/2004