TC4 Club Racer Race Roller
TC4 Club Racer Race Roller
TC4 Club Racer Race Roller
The TC4 Club Racer is an excellent platform for Spec Class racing, drifting, and on-road racing.


Setup Sheets

Download Driver Track Date
Download Ray Klebanow 2013 Halloween Classic 10/27/2013
High traction carpet, indoor
Download Myron Battman Kinnard 2013 USVTA Southern Nationals, practice runs 09/21/2013
High traction carpet, Vegas layout, VTA setup
Download Andrew Abbott Peter Stevens Masters 11/25/2006
Med. traction
Download Brent Thielke Reedy Race of Champions 05/28/2006
Download Craig Drescher Worlds Warm-Up 04/10/2006
Download Tommi Torikka Club Racing 03/29/2006
High traction asphalt
Download Craig Drescher Snowbird Nationals 02/12/2006
Download Juho Levanen DHI Cup 01/15/2006
Download Jonas Kaerup Speed Weekend 11/30/2005
Download Bob Stellflue (not given) 11/12/2005
Asphalt indoor
Download Barry Baker IIC 10/25/2005
Foam tires on carpet
Download Barry Baker ROAR Sphalt Nationals 10/09/2005
Asphalt sprayed with soda
Download Walter Henderson International Indoor Championships 09/25/2005
Carpet with foam tires
Download Brent Thielke Reedy International Race of Champions 05/31/2005
High traction asphalt
Download Mike Blackstock Showbird Nationals 02/13/2005
Ozite Carpet
Download Juho Levanen Club Racing 12/31/2004
Download Juho Levanen IFMAR World Championships 10/31/2004