Carl Renezeder in Car Fire
During round 1 of the 2012 Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series held at Firebird Raceway in Chandler Az, Carl Renezeder's Pro 2 catches fire after impact with fellow racer Robby Woods. Here is the on board footage.
May 30, 2012 in Videos » Racing Videos
Ryan Maifield at NEO '12 - Onboard footage from RePlayXD camera
LiveRC and Ryan Maifield teamed up to get some unique footage at this year's NEO race in England! This footage was captured with a RePlayXD camera, available from Team Associated.
Apr 25, 2012 in Videos » Just For Fun
Check out the all new Team Associated SC10GT in action!
Apr 12, 2012 in Videos » Product Promotions
Nitro power propels the SC10GT RTR through the turns
Apr 3, 2012 in Wallpaper » Action Shots
SR11 Speed Run Car
The SR11 is the latest iteration of Team Associated and Nic Case's speed record car. Check out detailed photos of the world's fastest RC car here!
Feb 10, 2012 in Photos » Promotional Events
Part 1 of 2. Getting Started with your Replay XD1080.
This video will give you the basics on how to operate your Replay XD1080.
Feb 6, 2012 in Videos » Tech Tips
Part 2. Getting Started with your Replay XD1080
Replay XD covers some of the advanced settings and features of the XD 1080 camera.
Feb 6, 2012 in Videos » Tech Tips
RC10B4.1 Factory Team Worlds Car
The B4.1 Worlds Car looks great just on the shelf!
Jan 7, 2012 in Wallpaper » Still Shots
Team Associated's Brent Thielke talks about the greatest class in R/C: 2WD Modified!
How do you improve the most successful 2WD buggy platform in R/C racing history? By testing, tuning, and racing at events like the 2012 Spektrum Off-Road Championship! And, of course, by winning those events. ;)
Dec 12, 2011 in Videos » Racing Videos
TC6.1 Factory Team
This sleek and stylish touring car bristles with the latest technology.
Nov 22, 2011 in Wallpaper » Still Shots
RC8.2e Factory Team
Electric version of its nitro cousin
Oct 25, 2011 in Wallpaper » Still Shots
Team Associated at the International Indoor Championships in Las Vegas
Team Associated Team Manager Brent Thielke checks in on the team as they take part in one of the biggest on-road races in the world!
Oct 12, 2011 in Videos » Racing Videos