Website Updates

Website Updates

September 18, 2018

Event Date(s): December 4, 2017 to January 31, 3018

Check this page for the latest updates made to the Team Associated website. Does not include other notices in the News.

September 2018

We created a body clips size comparison chart so you can tell how they differ and order what's right for you. It is accessed from the Documents tab of any body clips page.
Comparing Body Clip Sizes

RC10B6.1 Factory Lite wallpaper added.

Added assembly instructions for the MIP Pucks(TM).
Instructions for the MIP Pucks(TM)

August 2018

Updated version of "How to convert to another gearbox configuration" uploaded to the B6.1, B6.1D, SC6.1, and T6.1 pages.
How to convert to another gearbox configuration

Completed 2017-2018 of the online comprehensive kit listing. A work in progress. More pictures and copy coming.

We've added more logos to our Support > Logos & Product Shots page.
Brand Logos.

Want to know the difference between using our greases and lubes? Check out this guide. It's accessed under the Documents tab for #1105, 6588, 6591, and 6636.
Guide to Choosing and Applying Lubes and Grease.

Added photos of the new parts for the TC7.2 Factory Team Kit. Added the part material to the part names (black aluminum, graphite).
TC7.2 parts

July 2018

Added an RC10TC7.1 setup sheet by Jeff Hendrix.
TC7.1 setup sheet

Creating a listing of every known vehicle released by Associated Electrics. A work in progress. More pictures and copy coming.

The B64D has been discontinued. Here are the parts you need to convert the B64 to a B64D (PDF). Revised -- make sure the filename ends with v3.
Parts to convert B64 to B64D

CR12 instruction manual now online.
CR12 Ford F-150 manual

Extensive Timeline updated with more vehicles released and their part numbers.
Extensive Timeline

June 2018

RC10SC6.1 editable setup sheet now online.
RC10SC6.1 editable setup sheet

RC10T6.1 editable setup sheet now online.
RC10T6.1 editable setup sheet

Check out the CR12 Build-Off going on now on our Facebook feed -- and vote for your favorite!
CR12 Build-Off

Uploaded V2 Spring Rate Chart for the 8B3.1e, 8B3.1, 8T3.1e, 8T3.1.
V2 Spring Rate Chart

Uploaded Anti-roll Bar Chart for the 8B3.1e, 8B3.1, 8T3.1e, 8T3.1.
Anti-roll Bar Chart

RC10SC6.1 Team Kit instruction manual now online.
RC10SC6.1 instruction manual

May 2018

Want to convert to another gearbox configuration? This chart for 6.1 series vehicle owners says it all!
How to convert...

RC10T6.1 Team Kit manual uploaded.
RC10T6.1 Instruction Manual

6-Series C and D Mount Pill Chart has been updated: mobile version.
6-Series C & D Mount Pill Chart, with visuals

6-Series C and D Mount Pill Chart has been updated, with visuals.
6-Series C & D Mount Pill Chart, with visuals

April 2018

The RC10B64/B64D Essentials Android app has been released. No iPhone version is expected.
Google Play - Team Associated

Added a variety of Team Associated web apps you can access online anytime -- no downloads needed.
A-Team Apps online

March 2018

Uploaded firmware update for the 510R ESC. For #27004, 27005.
510R ESC (Documents tab)

Uploaded firmware update for the 850R ESC. For #27007, 27008.
850R ESC (Documents tab)

Uploaded firmware update for the PROgrammer2. For #27027, 27005, 27008.
PROgrammer2 (Documents tab)

Updated "Evolution of the RC10 Buggy" with B6.1 and B6.1D (new location).
Evolution of the RC10 (

February 2018

Parts list has been uploaded to RC8T3.1 and RC8T3.1e pages.

Added instruction manual to ProSC10, Reflex DB10, and Trophy Rat pages (same manual is used for all four vehicles).
ProSC10 Rockstar documents page.

We added a how-to video link to the FT Clutch Gauge page.
#1555 FT Clutch Gauge, 4 shoe

Tuning guide page uploaded for the RC8B3.1, for desktop and mobile.
RC8B3.1 tuning guide.

December 2017

#6263 turnbuckles are a new color. New photo uploaded.
#6263 turnbuckles.

Uploaded wallpaper for the RC28T RTR Race Truck.

Updated photo for #9946 B44.3 Chassis. Running change with addition of more servo mounting holes.
#9946 chassis.

November 2017

RC8T3 suspension arms updated. See page for details.
#81317 arms.

Added YouTube videos of vintage RC races where Team Associated participated. Videos shot by Gene Husting.
Vintage RC races

Added many Team Associated products to the eBay store at amazing savings.
Team Associated Clearance

October 2017

New video posted on our YouTube site, "The Night Shift."

Do you use an Amazon Fire TV? We just released our YouTube channel, Team Associated RC, as a Fire TV app. Now view our videos at full screen on your Fire TV! Please send feedback to the webmaster about your experience.

Added many, many old Team Associated products to the eBay store at amazing savings.
Team Associated Clearance

Made screws #8691 available.
Screws, M2.5x12 mm SHCS

Verified that the content of the eBay store was up to date.
Team Associated Clearance

September 2017

Reshot clutch shoes to show side view: 81375, 81377, 81402.
Clutch Shoes, hard, 4-shoe, aluminum
Clutch Shoes, composite, hard, 4-shoe
Clutch Shoes, composite, 4-shoe

Updated the Spring Rate Charts.
Spring Rate Charts

Removed obsolete shops and tracks and added contact info to several.
Dealer Locator

Made a Reedy Apparel filter button for the Apparel page.

August 2017

In Cars & Trucks, RTR combos have been folded into the base RTR page.
Example: T4.3

Added a link to the AE Garage app to FT Spotlight.
FT Spotlight