Solar-charged TC4 Takes 1st in the Engineering Academy STEP!

Solar-charged TC4 Takes 1st in the Engineering Academy STEP!

May 8, 2012

Event Date(s): May 8, 2012 to December 31, 2012

CBA Engineering STEP Team placed 1st in the Sustainable Transportation Education Program at North Carolina State University Saturday, May 5.

The participants' challenge was to modify, test, demonstrate, and fabricate a radio-controlled car with a solar-charging system that can successfully navigate various courses during a timed demonstration. Evaluation is based on documentation of design efforts, quality construction, teamwork, and the performance of the vehicle and charging system.

Using the TC4 RTR, the team had to demonstrate knowledge of alternative-fueled transportation systems by testing, modifying, and demonstrating a functional radio-controlled electric car in conjunction with an innovative solar charging station that is used to recharge the battery pack for the endurance events.

The team members were: Alex Hooks, Austin Kemp, Cody Ruhl, Patrick Smith, Ricky Tharrington, Ashton Tilghman, Andrew Thorne, Christian Tincher, and Austin Walker.

The Team's car will be displayed in the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in the Engineering Section for the year.

Thanks to Steven Thorne for this report.

Steven Thorne
Engineering Academy - STEM Director
Charles B. Aycock High School