Reedy 6800mAh 65C Competition LiPo Battery

Reedy 6800mAh 65C Competition LiPo Battery

October 24, 2012

Reedy's 6800mAh 65C competition battery is the follow-up to the IFMAR 1:12 World Championship-winning #600 6500mAh 65C battery. With higher capacity and voltage as well as lower internal resistance, this battery raises the bar in the 1:12 classes where power and duration are critical.

An attractive Reedy hard case and low resistance 4mm sockets round out the high-performance package.

LiPo battery technology continues to progress and Reedy is proud to bring improved performance to the masses

  • Capacity: 6800mAh   
  • Voltage: 3.7V (1S)
  • Dimensions (mm): 94 x 47 x 18.5
  • Max. Charge Current: 13.6 (2C)
  • Discharge: 65C cont., 120C burst
  • Weight (g): 150
  • Meets ROAR, EFRA, BRCA, IFMAR specs

Reedy LiPo 6800mAh 3.7V 65C
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