NEW! Limited Edition Nomad DB8 Ready-to-Run

NEW! Limited Edition Nomad DB8 Ready-to-Run

June 29, 2017

Building the industry's most dependable ready-to-run radio controlled vehicles is something we take great pride in. We've earned this reputation for quality, and we'll make no compromises to uphold it. The NOMAD DB8 is no exception, packed with the technology to bring a bit of fun to your backyard, outdoor trails and everything in between.

Born from the sand and destined to roam the earth, the Nomad DB8 is a tough, powerful, all-terrain dominating Desert Buggy based on the race-proven RC8 platform's unprecedented balance and incredible cornering performance. The Nomad DB8 form follows function with a durable impact-resistant roll cage, detailed interior, driver and co-pilot figures, painted body panels, and runs off a powerful Reedy brushless motor. To tame the unforgiving landscape, high-grip General Tire GT(R) Grabbers are wrapped around rich-looking black 17mm hex wheels.

Limited Edition Nomad DB8 Ready-To-Run Features
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Nomad DB8 Ready-To-Run Features

  • The Nomad DB8 uses a strong and efficient metal-gear 4WD drivetrain to send power to the ground. Managing that power are tunable front, center and rear fluid-filled differentials and Grabber(TM) tires.
  • Smoothing out the forbidding terrain is the same durable, tuned and proven suspension used on the RC8 line of vehicles.
  • Dampening the rough landscape are four oil-filled shocks designed for smooth and consistent operation.
  • At the heart of this nomadic desert buggy are Team Associated's XP and Reedy electronics. All are installed in the DB8 chassis, allowing easy access to the receiver, steering servo and the new 4s Reedy electronic speed control (with reverse).
  • Two screen-printed body color schemes are available. Bodies are mounted to a roll cage, with a detailed driver and co-pilot.
  • Water-resistant enclosed receiver box.


Scale 1:8
Power Electric
Length 505mm/19.88in
Width varies*
Weight varies*
Wheelbase varies*
Drive 4WD

*Weight will vary depending on the type of battery installed, and Width and Wheelbase are adjustable.

General Tire GT(R) and Grabber(TM) are trademarks of CONTINENTAL TIRE NORTH AMERICA, INC. CORPORATION

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Due to ongoing R&D, photos may not match final vehicle. Nomad DB8 RTR shown on these pages equipped with items NOT included in kit: Reedy LiPo battery pack with T-plug connector.