New Reedy LiPo and LiFe Receiver Batteries!

New Reedy LiPo and LiFe Receiver Batteries!

October 20, 2011

Reedy is proud to introduce two new receiver battery packs for use in nitro-powered cars, buggies, and trucks that require a stick configuration. A choice of LiFe or LiPo chemistry is available in capacities that provide plenty of duration for long main events.

The standard power plug fits directly into your receiver or switch harness, while a JST-XH balance connector allows for simple balance charging.

Battery technology continues to progress and Reedy is proud to bring improved performance to the masses.

Capacity: 1600mAh 
Voltage: 7.4V (2S)
Dimensions (mm): 88 x 30 x 17
Max. Charge Current: 3.2A (2C)
Weight (g): 87.5

#305 Capacity: 1300mAh 
Voltage: 6.6V (2S)
Dimensions (mm): 85 x 30 x 15
Max. Charge Current: 2.6A (2C)
Weight (g): 70.0

#305 Reedy LiPo 1600mAh 7.4V RX
UPC: 784695 003040
Available: In Stock

#305 Reedy LiFe 1300mAh 6.6V RX
UPC: 784695 003057
Available: In Stock