NEW! Reedy 540-SL/550-SL Sensorless Brushless Motors!

NEW! Reedy 540-SL/550-SL Sensorless Brushless Motors!

November 7, 2011

Reedy's all new 540-SL and 550-SL sensorless brushless motors are the perfect choice for the enthusiast looking to upgrade his RTR motor with one that increases power and improves reliability. The latest brushless motor technology along with the design and engineering experience that is responsible for 28 World Championship titles has been incorporated into their design. Even though these motors are designed with the hobbyist in mind, they are perfectly suited for track duty.

Due to its sensorless design, the Reedy 540-SL/550-SL Brushless Motor operates powerfully and efficiently without complicated sensor harnesses. The 540-SL features a 1/8" output shaft, making it perfect for use in 1:10 scale buggies and trucks, while the 550-SL features a high-torque 4-pole rotor and 5mm output shaft, which makes it an excellent choice for the increasingly popular short-course 4WD category.

A variety of models are available to suit most applications. Spare and option parts are also available.


  • Oversized precision ball bearings
  • High-strength 2-pole rotor (540-SL)
  • High-torque 4-pole rotor (550-SL)
  • Hardened 1/8" steel shaft (540-SL)
  • Hardened 5mm steel shaft (550-SL)
  • Triple-insulated windings
  • Sensorless operation
  • 3.5mm connectors
  • Completely serviceable
UPC Code Part No. Description MSRP Available
784695 009202 #920 Reedy 540-SL 3300kV $84.99 In stock
784695 009219 #921 Reedy 540-SL 3900kV $84.99 Available: In stock
784695 009226 #922 Reedy 540-SL 4900kV $84.99 In stock
784695 009233 #923 Reedy 540-SL 6100kV $84.99 Jan. 2012
784695 009240 #924 Reedy 550-SL 3500kV $109.99 In stock
784695 009257 #925 Reedy 550-SL 4000kV $109.99 In stock
784695 009264 #926 Reedy 550-SL 4400kV $109.99 Jan. 2012
784695 009745 #974 540-SL/550-SL Bearing Set $4.99 In stock
784695 009752 #975 540-SL/550-SL Ceramic Bearing Set $13.99 In stock
784695 009080 #908 540-SL Replacement Rotor $39.99 Jan. 2012
784695 009097 #909 550-SL Replacement Rotor $68.99 Jan. 2012