Team Drivers Myron Kinnard and Chris Cooper take over One Lug Duel

Team Drivers Myron Kinnard and Chris Cooper take over One Lug Duel

October 18, 2012

Event Name: One Lug Duel Championships
Event Location: Albertville, AL
Event Date(s): October 6, 2012 to October 6, 2012

While a lot of focus in the RC world was on the Vegas strip, major on-road regional events were taking place across the nation. And the main event in the Southeast region was the One Lug Duel Championships onroad race.

The Duel is a race that takes the name and classes of the drivers and places them in a drawing to pair them up for an all-day points race. We had three classes: USVTA, Touring Car 17.5, and 13.5 1:12 scale. VTA was the largest class and drivers were paired with TC and 1:12 scalers. After the drawings were complete and teams were formed, it was time to race.
After three rounds of qualifying, Team Associated driver Myron "Battman" Kinnard set TQ in Touring Car 17.5, utilizing the excellent handling from his TC6.1 and power from his Reedy motor and battery. After the mains were set, Myron didn't slow up, keeping the heat on and winning the A Main, with partner Danny B. pulling a nice second place, giving us the Duel Championship.

In VTA, TQ was set again by Myron (using Team Associated TC6, Reedy Wolfpack 5000 25c, XP 1515 servo, and Protoform J71), though not as easily, as drivers of other makes and models challenged the performance of Myron and his equipment. As the mains came around, the pressure was on. The main event had a lot of "catch me if you can" drama. Melvin pulled out a .500 victory over Myron.

Chris Cooper, running the Team Associated 12R5 with upgrades, was able to keep the TQ and the win all to himself. He made the 12R5 look so dominant against other cars on the track.

This was a very exciting event with a lot of race drama, fun, and competition. We laughed and joked all day. Smiles where everywhere and people seemed so relaxed and truly enjoying themselves. My hat's off to James and the entire One Lug racers and staff -- they made a great event that I will be back for every year.

Thanks to Myron Kinnard for this report.