Team Associated Takes Classes at the JConcepts Arizona State Championship

Team Associated Takes Classes at the JConcepts Arizona State Championship

November 18, 2012

Event Name: JConcepts Arizona State Championship
Event Location: HobbyTown SRS in Arizona
Event Date(s): November 16, 2012 to November 18, 2012

This was the 27th annual Arizona State Championship and the second year as the JConcepts Arizona State. This year had a good turnout with 170 entires. The track was good all weekend.

There were four rounds of qualifying, and one single 10-minute main for every class except 2WD Mod Buggy, which had triple A mains.

Team Associated won every class they entered this year! 2WD 17.5 Buggy, 2WD 13.5 Buggy, 2WD Mod Buggy and 4WD Mod Buggy, 13.5 Short Course, Mod Short Course, Mod Truck, 13.5 Truck, and 17.5 Truck.

In Mod Buggy and Mod Truck, it was the one-and-only Ryan Maifield taking home the TQs and championships, with Brian Kinwald finishing second in both of those classes. In 4WD Buggy it was Tanner Denney taking home the TQ and the win with the new B44.2. In Mod Short Course, Brian Kinwald took home the TQ and win, with Tanner Denney finishing third.

Off to the Stock and Super Stock mains: in 17.5 Buggy it was Matt Trimmings taking the win; also in 17.5 Truck Nathan Chase took his first big win. In 13.5 Buggy it was Spencer Rivkin TQ'ing and winning, with fellow hometown hero Brandon Fox in second. Brandon Fox also took home the TQ and win in 13.5 Pro Light Short Course.

That's a wrap-up of the 27th annual Arizona States held at HobbyTown SRS! We thank everyone who came out to support the race and track, and also give a huge thanks to the track workers (Ryan Maifield, George Caberal, Humpty Helms, Brandon Fox, and Rickey Gaynor) for the awesome track!

Team Associated products in this post:
#9040 B4.1 Worlds Car
#7023 T4.1 FT
#7034 SC10 FT
#9062 B44.2 FT

Thanks to Tanner Denney for this report.