Scott Brown Wins 2WD Modified

Scott Brown Wins 2WD Modified

March 19, 2004

Event Name: Pro-Line Cactus Classic 2004
Event Location: Scottsdale R/C Speedway, Scottsdale, AZ

Scott Brown won the 2WD Modified with his B4 buggy and Reedy power! Brent Thielke placed his B4 buggy and T4 truck in 2WD Modified and Truck Modified classes.

2WD Modified

1. Scott Brown (B4, Reedy) – won 2nd and 3rd A-mains
2. Jim Gard
3. Ryan Maifield (B4, Reedy)
4. Brent Thielke (B4/Reedy)
5. Mark Pavidis (B4/ Reedy)
6. Ryan Cavalieri - TQ
7. Brian Kinwald
8. Jimmy Babcock
9. Mike Truhe
10. Lloyd Dassonville (B4/Reedy)

Truck Modified

1. Brian Kinwald - TQ
2. Travis Amezcua
3. Brent Thielke (T4/Reedy)
4. Scott Brown (T4, Reedy)
5. Ryan Cavalieri
6. Billy Fischer
7. Jim Gard
8. Ryan Maifield (T4, Reedy)
9. Matt Francis
10. Jimmy Babcock