Huge Success in Finnish Championship Series!

Huge Success in Finnish Championship Series!

August 16, 2013

Event Name: 2013 Finnish Championship series, summer season

Summer season 2013 was another succesfull season for Team Associated drivers in Finland. After last year, Petri Ström, who was a double Champion 2012, retired, but during the winter time he decided to try to get another double in 2013. And he made it!

Another Team Associated driver, Joona Haatanen (10 years) took his first Championship medal this year. In four Championship races in the series, there were a lot of Team Associated drivers in top 3: Petri Ström, Joona Haatanen, Jussi Luopajärvi, Tommi Torikka, Pekka Koivula, Lari Jäppinen, Henry Salmen, and Kalle Lehto.

Top 10 in Finnish Championships, 2WD: 
1. Petri Ström Team Associated B4.2 FT
3. Joona Haatanen Team Associated B4.2 FT
4. Jussi Luopajärvi Team Associated B4.2 FT
5. Tommi Torikka Team Associated B4.2 FT
6. Henry Salmen Team Associated B4.2 FT
7. Jani Latvala Team Associated B4.2 FT
8. Lari Jäppinen Team Associated B4.2 FT

Top 10 in Finnish Championships, 4WD:
1. Petri Ström Team Associated B44.2 FT
2. Jussi Luopajärvi Team Associated B44.2 FT
3. Henry Salmen Team Associated B44.2 FT
6. Tommi Torikka Team Associated B44.2 FT
7. Lari Jäppinen Team Associated B44.2 FT
9. Kalle Lehto Team Associated B44.2 FT, who runs the Finnish race team, is very proud of these guys! And thanks to Team Associated for making such quality products!

Thanks to Matti of for this report.