RC10GTs Sweep ROAR Nats

RC10GTs Sweep ROAR Nats

January 21, 1999

Event Name: ROAR Gas Off Road Nats
Event Location: Western R/C, Las Vegas, NV

A new record of 207 gas off road racers participated in this ROAR Gas Off Road Nationals. The race was hosted in Las Vegas at the Western R/C Track. There were racers from all around the country having fun gas racing in spite of the 100-degree heat.

Richard Saxton and Mark Pavidis had a close race for Top Qualifier honors, but Richard just edged out Mark for the TQ spot. When the main events were posted, they showed the RC10GTs dominating by taking 8 out of 10 places in the A Main event!

Mark Pavidis led the Main from the beginning with a hard-charging Richard Saxton not too far behind. But about half way through the race Mark had a problem and dropped back. Billy Easton and Saxton had a great race for awhile - until Billy's engine died on a pit stop. But Billy roared back to take a 3rd place finish just half a second behind Greg Degani, who was closing on Saxton. But Saxton held onto the lead to win yet another major Gas Off Road event. That's probably why he's called "King Richard."