Andreas Myrberg wins the Swedish PTCC championships 2000!

Andreas Myrberg wins the Swedish PTCC championships 2000!

March 3, 2000

Event Name: Swedish PTCC
Event Location: Viksafors, Sweden

The PTCC winterseries had it's final race in Viksafors just outside of Borås in Sweden. Associated driver Andreas Myrberg with his LRP- and Futaba-equipped TC3 car was together with the fast Bengt Andersson (Schumacher) the fastest on the track from the first practice on. They were in their own league in qualifying with Andreas just knocking off Bengt on his pole time in the fourth round with a fast twenty-lap 1.6 second heat. Bengt was just behind him with an 2.05 final lap time (5-minute heats). Then there was an 4-second jump to the remaining six drivers that made the final (only eight cars in each final - too small of a driver's stand). Associated TC3 cars were the most frequent in the final with three cars. The other two were Marcus Berglund (Reedy Fury MW 9T & R3K WC) in sixth place, and Arvid Stenberg (LRP-equipped) in 7th place.

The new layout of the Viskafors track challenged the drivers. The carpet is completely stapled to the floor. A normal fast lap was about 15.2 seconds. Andreas and Bengt were the only two that frequently put in 14-second times. In the third A final Andreas did an really fast 14.58 seconds that was a track record; he also did the only twenty-lap in that final.

Andreas is in the lead anyway with Bengt just behind him. The red and black car has just spun-out, it's Fredrik Mathiesen's Schumacher car.

The eight finalists (from the left in the picture):

3rd place Jonas Andersson (Corally)
1st place: Andreas Myrberg (TC3)
2nd place Gustav Dahlberg (HPI)

4th-8th place: Fredrik Mathiesen (Schumacher), Daniel Holmesten (HPI), Arvid Stenberg (TC3), Marcus Berglund (TC3) & Bengt Andersson (Schumacher).

The final standing:

1. Andreas Myrberg (1-1-1) / TC3 Team Car
2. Gustav Dahlberg (2-5-2) / HPI
3. Jonas Andersson (4-7-3) / Corally
4. Fredrik Mathiesen (5-3-6) / Schumacher
5. Daniel Holmesten (6-4-5) / HPI
6. Arvid Stenberg (7-2-7) / TC3 Team Car
7. Marcus Berglund (8-6-4) / TC3 Team Car
8. Bengt Andersson (3-8-8) / Schumacher

The racing is with controlled tyres (three different brands allowed) but everyone uses the "OTC" belted tyre. No tyre adhesive are allowed. TC3 rules in Sweden!