Jeff Guest takes Mod Buggy at the Mid Summer Shootout

Jeff Guest takes Mod Buggy at the Mid Summer Shootout

June 10, 2014

Event Name: Mid Summer Shootout
Event Location: Coyote Hobbies in Victorville CA
Event Date(s): June 7, 2014 to June 8, 2014

This past weekend Jeff Guest attended the 4th annual Mid Summer Shootout at Coyote Hobbies in Victorville CA.  There were about 180 entries. During qualifying in Mod Buggy, it was a battle between Jake Mayo, Rudy Rico, and myself for the TQ. Jeff grabbed the TQ in round one and Jake went on to TQ the final two rounds of qualifying. So starting off the triple A-Mains it was Jake taking the TQ, Jeff was second and Rudy Rico was third. 

Starting the first A Main, Jake made a mistake on lap one and Jeff took the lead, and then he crashed on the third lap in a bad place to where the turn marshall wasn't able to get to Jeff in time. Jeff ended at the back of the pack and fought his way back to fifth. Rudy went on to finish first, Jake got fourth, and Jeff finished fifth.

The second main started the same way with Jake making a mistake on lap one, but Jeff cruised away with no mistakes to take A2. Jake finished second and Rudy finished fifth.

So going into A3, the three of them were tied with 6 points. The start of the third main went the same as the first two mains: Jake made a mistake on lap one and Jeff went mistake-free for the entire race to bring home the win in A3 and the overall. Jake and Rudy battled for second, which helped Jeff to be able to back off and not have to push. At the end of A3 Rudy was able to edge out Jake for second, which gave him second overall and Jake took third.

Jeff did not need to make changes to the B5M over the weekend.

Thanks to Jeff Guest for this report.