Andreas Myrberg wins the DHI Cup in Denmark with his TC3!

Andreas Myrberg wins the DHI Cup in Denmark with his TC3!

January 7, 2001

Event Name: DHI Cup
Event Location: Denmark, Sweden

The Race

In total there were 56 starting in the modified class and racers where coming from all over Europe including Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Iceland, Portugal, Norway, Holland, Sweden and of course Denmark. There where even factory teams from both LRP and Orion attending so the competition was fierce! Qualifying was done in the round-by-round system so it was crucial that you had a fast car and put in good heats all the time. The tires were hand-out non-belted Schumachers.


It was Swedish TC3 driver Andreas Myrberg that set the pace with an solid fast series of qualifying rounds. His TC3 car was perfectly dialed to suit the Danish carpet track. The closest match was Reto Koenig and Marcus Luebke - both from Germany.

A Main 1

Andreas Myrberg took the lead from his pole the first 6 laps. Then he hit a backmarker on the straight so it was an DNF for Andreas. Andy Kreamer and Reto Koenig fought for first place with Reto coming out on top 2 seconds in front of Andy. Danish driver Steen Graversen came in at third place.

A Main 2

Now it was no more room for errors for Andreas if he would have any chance for a win. He comfortably took the lead and had all the final an good distance to the rest of the pack that was fighting for the other podium places. Andy Kraemer, Marcus Luebke, and Reto Koenig were fighting for second place all through the final. Andy was the quickest of the rest, coming in second place, followed by Marcus Luebke and Reto Koenig.

A Main 3

With one win each for Reto and Andreas it could go either way but the Swedish driver seemed to have the best chance from his pole position. The start was no problem for the TC3 driver and Andreas took the lead and never looked back. He easily had the best handling car in the finals and pulled away all the time. Eventually he could back off and cruise to victory 5 seconds in front of Marcus Luebke in second with Reto Koenig coming in at third place. Big celebrations in the Swedish camp and a BIG hand for Andreas and his motor-mechanic-dad Anders Myrberg, a well-deserved win!

Special thanks to Niklas Edlund / Minicars Hobby AB - Sweden, for this report.