BRCA Stock and Modified Championships

BRCA Stock and Modified Championships

October 4, 2002

Event Name: BRCA Stock and Modified Championships
Event Location: England

from CML Distribution - It is now four years since racers got their first glimpses of Associated's TC3 touring car. Since then the design has repeatedly proved itself to be the best on the track, despite attempts to knock it off its lofty perch.

The 2002 season has been no different. In fact the TC3 is performing better than ever, taking TQ at the World Championships, TQ and first at the European Championships and winning both the US and European Reedy Races.

So it was only fitting the set was completed here in the UK with overall victories in both the BRCA Stock and Modified championships. Towards the end of the season, both championships became almost an exhibition of car and driver, as Olly Jefferies' Reedy MVP and SMC powered TC3 and Craig Drescher's Reedy Ti and Reedy R3K powered TC3 secured the titles in stock and modified respectively.