Scott Brown Wins Short Course Nationals with SC10 and SC8

Scott Brown Wins Short Course Nationals with SC10 and SC8

July 26, 2009

Event Name: Inaugural Short Course Nationals
Event Location: R/C Madness in Enfield, CT

Hosted by R/C Madness in Enfield, CT, the Inaugural Short Course Nationals brought together racers from across the country to compete in the first all-Short-Course event. Normally piggybacked with another event, the promoters created an event that stood alone and catered just to the growing Short-Course racing crowd with seven separate classes.

As major supporters of the Short Course class, Team Associated sent out factory representative Scott Brown as both an ambassador and racer to promote and assist fellow participants. Scott has been involved in R/C for years and is the owner of Tacoma R/C Raceway near Seattle, WA so his experience in the hobby runs deep.

Utilizing his Team Associated SC10 and SC8, Scott brought home the victories in the top classes, taking the win in Electric 2WD Open with his Reedy/LRP powered SC10 and in 4WD Nitro with his Reedy 121 VR-powered SC8. Scott also participated in the fledgling class of 4WD E-Conversion Open and again piloted his SC8 to victory using Reedy power.

Equipment used:
• SC10
• SC8
• SC8e
• Reedy 121 VR
• Reedy #709 Battery
• LRP X12 8.5
• LRP SXX Speed Control