AE TQs & Wins the National Championships of Colombia

AE TQs & Wins the National Championships of Colombia

October 23, 2009

Event Name: National Championship Final, Colombia
Event Location: Bogota, Colombia
Event Date(s): October 9, 2009 to October 12, 2009

This well-attended event included 63 drivers in Buggy and 26 in Truggy, 89 drivers from four countries.

The track was 2.60 meters (8.53 ft.) in width. The weather was not bad. The average temperature in the morning was 10°C (50°f).

The team worked hard the first day to set up the engines and RC8B. Among the changes were using shorter gearing to improve engine performance (16/46). We also lowered the weight of RC8B to 3.270 kgm (7.2 lbs) for faster acceleration.

The final lasted one hour and was brutal as more and more holes opened up in the hard track. Nevertheless, the RC8Bs were reliable throughout the event, despite the many rocks and holes.

Renato Tradardi, Jr.'s fast time in the Final was 41.1, and the second best time was 41.8 for Renato Tradardi, Sr.

Thanks to Renato A. Tradardi, AE distributor, for this report.


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