Renato Tradardi Jr., Venezuela National Champion

Renato Tradardi Jr., Venezuela National Champion

November 17, 2009

Event Name: Venezuelan 1/8 Buggy National Championship
Event Location: Arenera, Pantaneros, La Lagunita
Event Date(s): February 7, 2009 to November 8, 2009

The Venezuelan National Championship was organized in three races, each one in a different track around the country.

First Race, February 7-8

Organized at the "Arenera", which is located 30 minutes from Caracas, the Capital City. The track is characterized by its good grip in the afternoon and smooth rolling. We obtained an excellent result in this race with both RC8s at the podium: Renato Tradardi, Jr. (first place) and Renato Tradardi, Sr. (third place).

Second Race, June 6-7

Five hours North East from Caracas, in Acarigua, you will find "Pantaneros". This race gave us some headaches due to the extreme heat and total lack of traction. The setup was not easy at all, because the buggy would be great and horrible within the same race track. Renato Jr. managed to stay in first place almost the whole race, but two offs moved him to end in second.

Third Race, Nov. 7-8

In one of the best residential areas of Caracas, "La Lagunita" is located in the middle of the mountains at 3000 feet fabove sea level. This track has very good traction but unfortunately it had so many holes that it looks like a bombarded landing field. Being very difficult to obtain the right setup, the Final was tight between Miguel Villalobos and Renato Tradardi Jr. with his RC8B. Only 7 minutes before the end of the race, and still in first place, Renato Jr. entered the pit area for refueling, only to see his engine die. Miguel finished in first place and Renato Jr. in second, which was enough to win the Venezuelan 1/8 Buggy National Championship.

Winning the National Championship is well deserved by Renato Jr. because of his consistency, dedication, and focus. With his RC8, Renato Jr. obtained new track records on all tracks where he raced. Today, at only 15 years of age, he is considered one of the best 1:8 pilots in the continent by his peers. We are committed to improving skills and results.  Special thanks to Team Associated (Brent Thielke), especially to Mr. Curtis Husting for all his support.

Special thanks to Renato A. Tradardi for this report.