AE Buggy Championship #2

AE Buggy Championship #2

January 15, 2019

Event Name: AE Buggy Championship #2
Event Location: Alliance RC in Sanxia District, Taiwan
Event Date(s): January 13, 2019 to January 13, 2019

The race atmosphere was fun, with banners and team colors posted everywhere. 64 drivers from the major teams were on hand, mixed in with young up-and-comers. Team Associated's REFLEX models got a live introduction during a break in the event.

Race Results:

2WD Stock A main
A1 Associated: Mr. Farker (Lin, Jian-Fa) (TQ'd as well)
A2 Associated: Howard (Zhou, Guang- Hao)
A2 Associated: Cai, Zong-Yan

2WD Modify A main
A1 Associated: Howard (Zhou, Guang- Hao) (TQ'd as well)
A2 Associated: Lin, Jian-Fa
A3 Associated: Tang, Ji-Feng

4WD Modify A main
A1 Sworks: Sun, Da De
A2 Associated: Wang, Zi Jue
A3 Yokomo: Chen, Yi-Ting (TQ and win)