Spanish Championship Warm Up Race

Spanish Championship Warm Up Race

February 16, 2010

Event Name: Spanish Championship Warm Up Race
Event Location: Spain
Event Date(s): February 13, 2010 to February 14, 2010

The race was a warm-up for the Spanish championship that will be on the Barcelona track next month. The best drivers of the region are expected to attend.

On the qualifying, Carlos Pineda was the TQ; he did one more lap than the rest of drivers on the Q1 and Q2. Second was Mario Lopez that won the Q3, and third was David Escudero. On the finals Carlos Pineda won the A1 and A2 and won the race. He won with a long stretch in front of the second car and made the fastest lap at the track!

1- Carlos Pineda AE
2- Miguel Parades AE
3- Mario Lopez AE

It was one of the first races of 1:8 electric in Spain, and most of the drivers choose the RC8e buggy for racing. Carlos Pineda took the TQ, second was David Sanz and third Tito Rolon.

Carlos Pineda won all three finals with a confortable advantage; Tito Rolon was second on the three finals too, and the third was David Sanz.