Team Associated sweeps Modified Classes at the 2010 Bigfoot Off-road Extravaganza

Team Associated sweeps Modified Classes at the 2010 Bigfoot Off-road Extravaganza

March 2, 2010

Event Name: 2010 Bigfoot Off-road Extravaganza
Event Location: Enid R/C Speedway, OK
Event Date(s): February 18, 2010 to February 21, 2010

Enid R/C Speedway once again held the Bigfoot Off-road race with a record number of entries  this year - with 214 entries. Track opened at 6 p.m. on Thursday night for a club race with only an hour of practice before the races. Friday would be practice 12-9 p.m. with controlled practice starting a couple hours into practice due to the large number of racers arriving throughout the day. The Enid crew did an excellent job with practice and getting the races run with the large turnout. Track was a high-bite grooved clay track with lots of traction.
Saturday qualifying saw 28 heat races stacked up to 10 vehicles max in a heat. 16 hours of racing began at 9:30 a.m. and ended at 2:30 a.m. with a resort after 2 rounds. The race director kept the track closed between heats to check in and line up for IFMAR qualifying so there would be no hot laps during qualifying.

Round 1 2WD Mod and 4WD Mod went to Cody Jandrakovic with his RC10B4 and B44, which would be Cody's only T.Q. round in 2WD, but he  TQ'ed rounds 3 and 4 in 4WD for the overall TQ in the 4WD Mod class and a secondnd qualifying position in 2WD Mod and a fifth qualifying position in Truck Mod.

Joanie Jandrakovic took the TQ in the Sporstman Stock class running a RC10B4 and Stock Truck would be Taylor Larsen TQ'ing with his RC10T4.

Sunday's mains would begin at 9:30 with track opening an hour later due to the late night of qualifying. 2WD Mod A1 saw second qualifier Cody Jandrakovic take the lead on lap one with a bobble from TQ - then never looked back, with a clean run taking A1. A2 saw TQ Glen Bean and Cody Jandrakovic battle it out for the first five laps until a mistake by Glen allowed Cody to get by for the lead and stretch out to take the win in A2 and the overall in 2WD Modified.

4wd Mod A1 would see Cody Jandrakovic bobble in the quads on lap 1 and drop to 4th but would retake the lead by lap 4 and win A1. A2 would be the best 4wd time of the weekend with Cody leading from start to finish and getting the overall win in 4wd Mod.

Truck Mod was a battle to the end between Team Associated's Cody Jandrakovic and Team Kyosho's Cody Hollis. A1 saw Cody Jandrakovic move through the field from fifth to finish second behind Cody Hollis by 0.79 of a second. A2 saw both Codys with problems early to finish third and fourth, with Glen Bean taking A2. There was a four-way battle for the overall win going into A3. A3 saw Cody Jandrakovic move through the field early into second behind Hollis. A couple laps later Hollis got slideways in the sweeper, allowing Jandrakovic to go by for the lead and the win in A3. So we go to the tiebreaker with both Codys having a win and a second.

Cody Jandrakovic got the overall victory and the sweep of the modified classes at this year's Bigfoot Off-road Extravaganza. Other Team Associated vehicles to win were Joanie Jandrakovic in Sportsman Stock with RC10B4 and Taylor Larsen in Stock Truck with RC10T4.

Cody Jandrakovic's equipment:Factory Team RC10B4, Reedy Lipo 5000, LRP 7.5, XP Digital Servo
Factory Team B44, Reedy 5000 Lipo, LRP 6.5, XP Digital Servo
Factory Team RC10T4, Reedy 5000 Lipo, LRP 7.5, XP Digital Servo

Thanks to Cody Jandrakovic for this report.