ROAR Region 12 Championships

ROAR Region 12 Championships

October 29, 2008

Event Name: ROAR Region 12 Championships
Event Location: Ripon International Speedway, Ripon, CA

The 2008 ROAR Region 12 Championships was held in Ripon International Speedway this year and track owner Dan Tannis had no regrets to let this event happen. It brought back some memories of the most amazing touring car races in history. Weather was in the 90's track temp around 120+ and the spec tire for this race were the new batch of RP30's. The most popular class of this event according to the message boards was 13.5 also known as Pro Stock. This class had up to a C Main with full attendance. Other classes were 10.5, 17.5, 1:12 Scale, 1:10 Oval and PRO 10 GTP.

The event went by smoothly as Ruben Benitez (ROAR official) organized the program. Traction was consistent and the berms looked flawless since the track was first built in 1998.

As far as racing goes, Lex Tyler proves to be the most decorated racer in the North Western Region. Having set TQ honors for both 13.5 and 10.5 after three qualifiers on Saturday (Rocket Round) followed by one more qualifier on Sunday, he was definitely the man to beat. This race brought out some the best names in the business.

In 10.5, Lex Tyler received the bad end of racing and horrible turn marshalling, which cost him the podium, but Moberly finished 2nd behind Evans as he defends his 10.5 title.

For 13.5, Tyler powered his TC5R using Reedy Li-Po 20c batteries, LRP motor and speed controller, and had Jason Moberly, previous K.O. Propo Grand Prix Modified Winner, behind him followed by E.J. Evans, previous K.O.GP 10.5 Winner. The first minute of the race was intense - more like a freight train. Leads changed after about minute and a half as Mo and E.J. battled it out up front with Tyler chasing. As traffic came up, this is what separated the men from the boys.

At the last minute of the race, Tyler got through clean after minor crashes in front of him, and he led the rest of the last few laps to the finish line, taking home the win for AE.

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