Wisconsin Off-Road Championships

Wisconsin Off-Road Championships

December 7, 2008

Event Name: Wisconsin Off-Road Championships
Event Location: S&N's Trackside Hobbies, Milwaukee, WI

Hosted by S&N's Trackside Hobbies in Milwaukee, WI, the Wisconsin Off-Road Championships brought racers together from across the Midwest. With twenty-seven heats of intense racing, the small 80 x 40' super high-bite track surface meant very tight racing and lots of excitement throughout the weekend.

Qualifying proved to be extremely close with most positions separated by just tenths of a second. In the end, qualifying saw Chad Due take his Factory Team B4, T4 and B44 to the TQ position in the 2WD Modified, Truck Modified and 4WD Modified classes, with Washington's own Scott Brown following closely behind in all three classes.

2WD Modified
With racing so close throughout the weekend and only single A mains for all classes but 2WD Modified, it set up what would be a great final day of racing. In Truck Modified, Chad Due was able to use his TQ honors to pull away slightly from Scott early, but with a small bobble from Chad on one of the first few laps, Scott was able to take his Factory Team T4 mistake free the rest of the way to victory, leaving Chad trailing closely behind, taking second overall.

2WD Modified saw Chad Due drive his Factory Team B4 flawlessly, taking victories in both A1 and A2, securing the Championship. Scott Brown was able to cruise to victory in A3 to take second overall.

4WD Modified
The 4WD Modified class saw Chad Due drive his Factory Team B44 with a dominating performance, with Scott Brown and local star "Nick the Quick" Achterkirch completing the podium positions with their respective Factory Team B44s.

Of the seven classes offered at this year's event, Team Associated vehicles went on to both TQ and win all seven classes, making Associated vehicles a perfect 7 for 7 on the weekend.

Big Thanks to S&N's Trackside and their crew for another great Wisconsin Off-Road Championships.

Chad used the 2008 Roar Nationals Maifield setup for the B44, and the Trackside setups that are on the website for the T4 and B4.