National Cup of Greece

National Cup of Greece

September 15, 2010

Event Name: National Cup of Greece
Event Location: Arena Racing Club, Athens, Greece
Event Date(s): September 11, 2010 to September 12, 2010

After great success at the Greek Championship, the Greek National Cup came next. Again our Team driver Kostas Zacharopoulos (Team Associated B44/ JConcepts tires/ Ansmann racing electronics) made TQ with a track record of under 11.000 seconds - 9 seconds ahead the second driver! At the Finals Kostas easily won the first two legs - one lap ahead of the second driver on both legs - then won the Greek Cup, and added one more title for Team Associated's collection in Greece.

The car was easy to drive and made constant, fast lap times. In the A Main, five out of ten drivers were racing the Team Associated B44.

In the 2WD class (despite favorite Team Driver Argiris Papagiannakopoulos' absence), Team Associated's B4 managed to take the win with Nikos Androulidakis winning two out of three Finals - while starting from fifth place on the grid!
Special thanks to Dimitrios A Koutras for this race report.

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