Team Associated at 2009 US Touring Car Champs!

Team Associated at 2009 US Touring Car Champs!

January 1, 2009

Event Name: US Touring Car Championship
Event Location: S&N Trackside Hobbies of Milwaukee, WI

S&N Trackside Hobbies of Milwaukee, WI was once again host of the US Touring Car Championship. January in Wisconsin was guaranteed to be cold, but that didn't stop the race from selling out. A full 28 heats of touring cars made for some exciting and extremely close racing.

After a walk through the pits it appeared as though the Associated TC5R was the dominant chassis choice. This made for a very busy AE team table as Bob Stellflue, Keven Hebert, and Josh Hohnstein answered questions and helped set up and tweak privateers' TC5Rs.

The first class of the day was Sportsman. Bob Davis, driving a TC5R, was the class winner. Next up was 17.5 Rubber. TC5R driver Jim Piersol was the top qualifier in this class and secured the win, taking two out of three wins in the triple A-main format.

The 10.5 Rubber class was a tight battle between two Team Associated drivers. Keven Hebert and Josh Hohnstein swapped spots in qualifying and in the mains. Eventually, Keven finished 2nd overall with Josh in 3rd.

The 13.5 Rubber class featured some of the closest and most action-packed racing of the week. Team Associated driver Josh Hohnstein was Top Qualifier for this class. Setting fast times in three of the four qualifiers proved that Josh had his TC5R "hooked up." Two small driving mistakes and some rough driving cost Josh the win. He finished second overall. Congratulations also go out to Team Associated's newest team driver, Nick Stampfel. Nick managed a 5th place finish in this class with less than one week with his new car!

Modified Foam is always the show stopper. Team Associated driver Keven Hebert qualified his TC5F 2nd on the grid and finished an impressive second place overall.

Long-time Team Associated driver Ken Pepe finished a respectable 4th in Masters and 4th in the increasingly popular and well-attended Vintage Trans-Am class.

Thanks go out to S&N Trackside hobbies for putting on another incredible event. Special thanks to Josh Hohnstein for this report and Jeff Ernst of

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