2010 Copa Venezuela Off Road Truggy National Championship

2010 Copa Venezuela Off Road Truggy National Championship

September 20, 2010

Event Name: 2010 Copa Venezuela Off Road Truggy National Championship
Event Location: The Arena, Caracas, Venezuela
Event Date(s): September 10, 2010 to September 12, 2010

Friday 10
Today we arrived at 10am and were greeted by a new track layout. It was very technical, but fast, with many jumps, like a true American-style track. The track had been closed for one month, and during that time none of us racers were allowed in to practice. Due to the persistent daily rains, the track was too wet, so we had no races that day.

Saturday 11
Today we had only 90 minutes of free practice and then the five 10-minute rounds. Luckily for us, the clouds sympathized with us and held back so we could race. After running the five rounds, we took the top three and the TQ. Renato Jr. had problems in the first two rounds when the brakes stuck and the clutch overheated. He was not one to give up, however.

Sunday 12
The clouds got bored and let loose again, so the two semifinals were run in rain; nevertheless, Renato Jr. won the semi A and father Renato Sr. took second in the semi B. Renato Jr. ending up with the TQ spot and starting the A final in front row. Racing his RC8T in the 45 minutes final he showed his superiority by winning with 3 laps ahead of second place while also setting the fastest lap of the race 36.1 seconds. His father Renato finished 4th place with some engine problems.

Place Driver RC8T
1 Renato Tradardi Jr. RC8T
2 George Velazco  
3 Kevin Meilan  
4 Renato Tradardi RC8T
5 David Aular  
6 Julio Regalado  
7 Juan Rivas RC8T
8 Jose Gomez RC8T
9 Jose Martin  
10 Demetrio Zigras RC8T