Fasol-Associated Cup

Fasol-Associated Cup

November 24, 2010

Event Name: Fasol-Associated Cup
Event Location: AMSA track in Barcelona, Spain
Event Date(s): November 20, 2010 to November 21, 2010

This last weekend, the AMSA track site in Barcelona, Spain held the first of three races for the Fasol-Associated Cup. Thirty-two drivers competed in the race's format of three qualifying and three finals, 7 minutes for each race.

For Final A, competition was tight between Juanma Lerma and Carlos Pineda, with Lerma taking first when Carlos Pineda developed problems with his gear box.

José Barja, Mario López, Francesc Coy, Miguel Paredes, Sergio Lacuesta, Jacinto Lerma, Luis Crisenti y Ferran Blanchart fought for the privilege of placing in Final A.

With the gear box repaired, Pineda did not give opportunity for anyone to pass, and won with authority in Final B. He had the best record with 20 laps in 7 minutes. Third was Barja, following by Paredes and Mario López.

In the third and last final, Pineda moved to overtake Lerma in the second lap, and in a moment of deja vu, Pineda had a problem like in the last finals and lost 15 seconds, helping Lerma to easily escape from Pineda and win the final and the race. Third was Barja.

Cedric Le Pape won Final B, and Juan Rombaut Final C, who is actually an air model champion in Spain.

The next race will be in Montjuic (Magic Montain) December 12.