Christmas Race

Christmas Race

January 5, 2011

Event Name: Christmas Race
Event Location: rcIDT in Switzerland
Event Date(s): December 11, 2010 to December 11, 2010

rcIDT, Switzerland’s newest indoor dirt track (, was host to the December 11 Christmas Race, sponsored by HRC Distribution and rcIDT.

Patrick Hofer's Reedy-powered B4.1 and B44.1 seemed to be unbeatable. He dominated the qualifying with three wins in each class, followed by Matthias Meier and Robin Frischkopf. But a broken front axle because of a crash and a charging mistake, followed by a voltage cutoff of his ESC, stopped his lucky runs during the first final. Regardless of the bad luck in round 1, Patrick was able to finish error-free in rounds 2 and 3 to win 2WD and 4WD Buggy classes.
In the Truck category there was a hard fight between Stefan Hartweg's T4.1, Bernd Land's T4, and Udo Nadler's T4. All of them were really competitive and were ahead of the rest of the field. In round 2 of the qualifying, Stefan switched tires and qualified with fast runs for TQ followed by Bernd and Udo. In the first and second finals, Stefan did two clean and fast runs and took home the win.
For the first time in Switzerland a Short Course class was announced. The larger size of the cars as well as the body contact amazed and delighted the people. Jan Dissler took the win followed by Giuliano Resta and Hanspeter Svoboda. All of them raced brushless-powered Team Associated SC10 trucks.

Podium 4WD:

1. Patrick Hofer Associated B44.1 (Reedy)
2. Robin Frishkopf Yokomo B-Max
3. Matthias Meier Ansmann (LRP)

 Podium 2WD:

1. Patrick Hofer Associated B4.1 (Reedy)
2. Uwe Trummer  Associated B4
3. Manuel Dietrisch Associated B4




Podium 2WD Stadium Truck:

1. Stefan Hartweg Associated T4.1
2.  Bernd Lang Associated T4
3. Udo Nadler  Associated T4

Podium Short Course Truck:

1. Jan Dissler  Associated SC10
2.  Giulano Resta Associated SC10
3. Hanspeter Svoboda Associated SC10

Special thanks to S. Hartweg of HRC Distribution for this report.